There is a common misconception that you need to replace the whole recliner chair when in reality, it is just one part that is causing all the problems. Don’t let the wrong repairman take advantage of you by charging you an exorbitant fee since replacing a recliner chair part is not expensive at all.

There are some tips and tricks for fixing a recliner chair that will help save money and find the right person to do it. You will be able to get your recliner chair fixed without going broke.

The spring in the recliner chair is one of the most important parts because it helps make your chair move back and forth smoothly. Quite often, problems with these springs may arise, leading to various issues, including re-springs. To give you some peace of mind about this issue, here are just a few steps to take to get your recliner chair working again.

Tools You’ll Need 

How to Fix


If you have problems with your chair’s reclining function, then the first thing you need to do is check the springs. The springs are located in the base of the recliner chair and are attached to a bar that connects to the back. Ensure that all of the springs are securely fastened, as this will prevent them from slipping down during use. If you feel loose, you can either re-fasten them or replace them with a new spring.

Improving the Strength of the Springs

If you find that the springs you have on your recliner chair still aren’t strong enough, then you can try replacing them with a stronger spring. It would help if you also wanted to fix them to maintain their original shape and size. Ensure no damage history on your springs, as this can cause further issues once it’s installed on the base.

Improving the Materials of the Springs

If your recliner chair springs are still damaged or of poor quality, then you should try to replace them with newer, stronger springs of the same type. Using standard springs of higher strength can be beneficial to reduce wear and tear on your recliner’s frame. However, make sure that you avoid cheap re-springs as they can lower your chair’s overall quality. Get new re-springs tested by a professional, as they are usually made of new materials, which may cause additional problems.

Improving the Quality of the Springs

If you have a problem with your chair’s springs that you can fix at home, you should visit a professional. Your local dealer or repair shop can help repair and make your chair’s re-springs like new again. They can also offer replacement parts if they are damaged or need replacement. Their trained staff also have the know-how and tools required to repair them and can give you a quote for a repair.

What It Comes Down To

Your replacement chair recliner should feel comfortable and provide you with a relaxing experience. If you have any concerns or questions regarding this matter, don’t hesitate to ask your dealer or repair shop for help. If they can’t help fix it, then make sure to note the location of its parts so that it will be easy for you to replace it.

How to Repair a Recliner Parts – Backseat, Seat Springs, Cable, and Footrest

As you may know, recliner chairs are popular furniture items generally used in the living room. It comes in different styles, shapes, and sizes to suit every individual taste. It’s easy to use, just like your usual chair. All you have to do is adjust it accordingly, depending on what position you want to take.

The recliner chair comprises several parts, including the backrest, seat springs, cable, and footrest. You can commonly find different colors and styles of the recliner chair. The important thing about the proper care of your recliner is to keep it well-maintained and clean at all times. Here are some simple tips that you should follow every time you use your recliner:

Keep it clean and dry: You should always wipe down your chair’s cushion and backrest with a wet cloth after using the recliner. You could also spray it with a cleaner or furniture polish to help keep things fresh. Make sure that the area is arid before returning the chair to its original position.

Fixing your chair: If your recliner has developed some problems, such as the cable repair, you should call a repairer immediately. Here are some common issues that you could encounter with your recliner:

Springs too weak: If one of the springs on your backseat is busted or broken, then there’s a high chance that it may not be able to lift the weight of an average-sized adult.

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The list of tools you’ll need for the repair of the recliner chair is simple yet essential. We’ve already mentioned the most important tool – without which you can’t repair your recliner properly – the claw hammer. We also recommended other devices like a wrench, screwdriver, ratchet, and towel. These things are essential in repairing your recliner chair.